Sometimes you have to leave a job. It isn’t a good fit, or it isn’t fulfilling, or you’re just ready to move on.

Sometimes you have to escape a job. It’s toxic, you have to spend your first hour home just decompressing from your work day, and you set up imaginary scenarios for when you would just walk out: “If my boss crosses this line, I’m out.”

I was in the latter situation recently, and was fortunate enough to have a former employer reach out and offer me temporary work. I could escape, and still have time to figure out my next step. Another fortunate part of the situation is that the job I escaped – everything except the upper management – was something I truly enjoyed.

My primary issue after that was then finding somebody new to hire me to do this job: marketing, especially digital/social media marketing. To be quite honest, I thought my experience would make me an easy candidate. Just send in some resumes and cover letters. I’ll get a few leads.

In the end, I spent so much time thinking about what I wanted out of a job, I forgot to market myself.

This website re-brand is an attempt to better capture me as a candidate: my work examples, my ideas, and me – as a person. So check back in, enjoy the content, and hopefully I’ll be talking to you soon.

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