System Domain 2: Alcohol in the Human Body

Many people experience the system that occurs when a body consumes alcohol, but few understand the elements and interconnections that connect ingestion with drunken effects. When alcohol enters the body, it goes to the stomach. Unlike other foods and beverages, however, alcohol enters the bloodstream through the stomach wall. This interconnection (alcohol –> bloodstream) can…Read more »

System Domain 1: Neoliberalism

  Brief disclaimer: this system description covers neoliberalism policy as it has been practiced in recent history in developing economies. Neoliberalist policy can be effective in┬ádeveloping economies the same way that communism can be effective: not in practice/not as we know it. Neoliberalism (aliases: Washington Consensus, structural adjustment) is a policy that has dominated the…Read more »

Generation Why Not?

On occasion (particularly during finals weeks), there’s a controversial issue that will reappear on my Facebook feed for days on end, teasing me with the possibilities for writing. Eventually, I might make a half-snarky post or tweet about it, but I usually avoid ranty Facebook posts. One of those issues has been following me this…Read more »