In case you haven’t heard, millennials are out for the kill. I challenge you to Google nearly any commodity, service or dearly-held American tradition alongside the term “millennials.” You might find something like the above photo. Football, f/k/a America or ‘Merica, if you had to find a single cultural symbol of our nation –…Read more »

Accept Shame

When the allegations of sexual assault came out against Harvey Weinstein, I wasn’t personally affected. I didn’t have a deep, personal connection to Hollywood culture. Of course, I stand by the right for women to speak out against treatment, and I am glad that Weinstein is facing real consequences to his actions, but I don’t…Read more »


I’ve come to a slight realization over the past few months. Actually, I’ve come to many realizations – who knew the year after graduation would be one of such change and growth?! Anyway, I’m going to focus on just one of those realizations: I am a pretty okay writer, or at least I edit like…Read more »