Declaration Brewing

From July 2018 to March 2019, I worked full-time as Declaration Brewing’s “Digital Raconteur” – a catch-all title for a host of responsibilities.

As the only marketing-related employee in the brewery, I managed all marketing and PR tasks. I created and implemented branding guidelines, created and posted the social media schedule,  tracked and reported marketing analytics, managed partnerships with other organizations and companies, and handled “as needed” tasks on a daily basis (everything from adding an extra set of hands on the canning line to pouring at beer fests).

My primary focus at the brewery was on their social media campaign. My efforts (which did not include any paid advertisements due to budget constraints) increased average organic engagement by about 40%. I attribute most of this change to brand standard implementation, an increase in video and photo formats (in lieu of a focus on graphic design and text elements), an increase in original content, and scheduling consistency. I’ve included examples of some of the posts I created for their social media pages below.

Instagram post created to promote proximity to a local festival.


Toy drive campaign I organized around the winter holiday season.


Example of a standard Instagram post.


Image I designed for Facebook and Instagram to promote the election season campaign.

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